No more ‘blues’

SAHMRI; hosted the 5th positive psychology conference last week. One was very grateful to attend. And; what an insightful time one did have! With hundreds of medical professionals, psychologist & teachers attending. All, with the same common goal (definitely no martyrs) to spread positive well being, or politically speaking PERMA+, to South Australia & beyond!

As positive (excuse the pun) the conference was. Here are some important take home points for one’s well-being…

Sleep deprivation is the common denominator! Sleep deprivation; leads to increased levels of cytokines , which are pro-inflammatory…

Sleep deprivation (chronic) & cortisol leads to leptin resistance…

Chronic expression of cytokines (IL-6) leads to inflammasome 

Gut microbiome can affect ones neurology, via the gut-brain axis…

Inflammation can cause depressive like symptoms…

Depressive like symptoms; “may” be given antidepressants. As a mechanism to “improve” symptoms. But, what about ones biology?

Chronic abuse of antidepressants, is causing a global obesity epidemic!


Wow; that wasn’t a fun timeline at all :/

However, the main reason why I did this. Was because, you are all geniuses. You all have a pre-frontal cortex, which makes executive functions. You manipulate (majority of the time) your environment, which thus gives you control of your organism.

One doesn’t need to sugar coat this any more (oops, pun again). 

Be that innate genius! Take care of oneself. From your immunity, or the way to your DNA!

Your telomeres will love you for it!

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James 🙂