Happy Psychology week!

As the nation goes through a messy haze, filled of negativity biases left right at your doorstep or television screen. It feels refreshing to  promote psychology week.

In between all the Trump & Clinton concoctions, horrific weather and so-forth. Psychology week, promoted by the Australian Psychology Society  is another wonderful intervention to promote health and well being. One is going to discuss the power of social connection; and the importance on combating disease and social isolation.

As a deep introvert; I love to watch human behaviour (creepy I know). Especially social connection. Whether it’s a couple sharing an intimate moment, to friends laughing with each other. Here at iNform, I see wonderful connections and banter with my fellow staff & members. It really is a highlight of my working day. Social connection is the reason why us humans still exist today! Deep within ones A,T,C & G base pairs lies the genetic code for connection. Strong social ties are linked with improved immunity, cardiovascular health & support during a mental health crisis. On the other hand; social isolation has been linked to higher levels of pro-inflammatory’s (IL-6), poorer cardiovascular health, drug & alcohol abuse and sadly increase prevalence to take one’s own life.

Retracting back to ones joy of seeing the friendships being formed here at iNform. One really does feel  that the connection’s seen really prolong immunity, good health, the motivation to return to exercise (winning), and a sense of belonging. Which for many retires can be a difficult transition post career.

Advice on improving friendships is as simple as the following…

Listen! Listen to a friend talk is an incredibly underutilised tool. Be quiet, be patient & be kind and non judgemental.

Reading facial (micro) expressions. Paying attention to a friends (especially spouses) facial expressions will teach one emotional intelligence. And pick up on any vital cues for help.

Trust your intuition. If you have lost contact with a friend, try reconnecting. Waiting for one other to make contact is never going to bring about anything. Of course; continually reaching out without reciprocity is a waste of energy. But a potential message to a old friend who may be isolating due to copping may be the conversation starter to save a life or friendship.

Try making an effort in your friendships this week!

Turn of your mobile devices and release some sweet, sweet oxytocin!

FYI, a 10 second hug will increase both your levels of oxytocin! (true story)


James 🙂





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