Narratives in the dark

I manifest to be; to no longer be the yester me. In the early darkness of ante meridiem; he breaks through the living consciousness, down to the quantum level. Carbon is all he really is. Although the eyes see a constructed reality. Still holding on to what already exists. So easy it is; to fall victim to the material word. Entropy cannot help you… deep silence & nature can… if one dares so. In the deftly silence, wounds appear to the surface. Some more pathogenic than others. Uncomfortable it will be. It’s just a few million synapses in reality. Surf down the axon; jumping the nodes of ranvier. From here you can disrupt the synaptic cleft… if you dare… From here you can change your course; because you are merely at the atomic level of course… When you awaken into your living form. Have you collapsed time long enough to no longer be; the yester me?