Chinese Whispers

I am a huge fan of the Health Report on Radio National: with Dr. Norman Swan. Although guilty of multitasking. I enjoy catching up on the Health Report whilst eating my dinner (also note the antisocial behaviour).

I am a big fan of exercise: I prescribe exercise, and I partake in exercise!

Exercise is FUN!!!

New research has found: vesicles (a tightly packed structure within a cell) that scientist measured in blood: in exercise subjects in vivo. Healthy subjects: completed one hour of cycling, to physical exertion before being analysed.

So what?

So! vesicles are important for transporting materials throughout the cell. From neurotransmitters (my favourite) to proteins. Well protected inside the luman by a lipid bilayer. When one exercises: a cascade of neuro/endo/cardio/osteo and physiological changes occur, priming the organisms for action! It is very well documented that exercise improves many wonderful biomarkers (insulin sensitivity, systolic blood pressure, osteoblast/clast formation) Along with neuroprotective effects, including: neurotrophic factors (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) & neurogenesis (nerve cell growth).

And I am only scratching the ‘lipid bilayer’, I mean surface here!

Get on with the important findings James!

Just like chinese whispers: “crosstalk” between tissues, more notably the liver; were identified by the authors, meaning: exercise improved communication between tissues. The liver is a very important organ for many processes: including, making proteins, detoxification, and drug metabolism. So, when cells function & cooperate, the organism is more homeostatic (balanced). And when tissues are fighting pathogens, allostatic loading (imbalance) occurs… not good!

This blog is becoming more of an oxymoron now isn’t it? Exercise and move more: and your tissues function more optimally, cells communicate and longevity all the way down to the tips of your chromosomes (teleomeres) will very much thank you!

You won’t even look your chronological age 😉

Below is the link to the Health Report discussed.

I’m listening to ‘How the body talks to itself during exercise’ with the ABC listen app

James 👨🏼‍⚕️